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Help with PS/2 Floppy drives

I need all the advice and info about IBM PS/2 card edge floppy drives. I have a ps/2 drive that uses pins, if anyone can tell me if I can adapt that to card edge that would make me very happy.

486 Cache issues

I recently bought 64K (and 256K) of cache. The 64K is 20NS (256K 15NS). The problem with it is that the 486 hangs at WAIT... when internal and external cache active. I assumed that the TAG piece was bad since the seller said it looked bad (it was just faded). I used the TAG bit from the 256K pair …

Re: What is your age?

16, god damn this thread makes me feel young. I used to watch my dad play in his office with all these PC's, kinda what got me interested (and what gave me half a collection!)

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