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Re: 15 FPS Doom 2 with Pentium MMX 200

in DOS
That 9000i is a slow isa card, it's adequate only for a 386. Faster isa cards were suitable for slow 486s even some from trident. But trident 9000 series were generally slower than 8900 cards, besides speed those cards have no acceleration so they are very slow on windows , and only 512 KB of ram …

Re: Flashing my BIOS

The program is terrible and doesn't work. I used it in the past without switches. But now it just beeps and shows an empty window. The syntax is atrocious, i guess to make the backup i must write: "awdflash 7wmv4ca1.bin backup.bin /pn/sy" This is from a 95c safe mode command prompt with 8.99. Does …

Re: Year 2038 bug?

in Milliways
With the year 2000 bug the bios date of my 486dx4 changed to 2094 (award) and my dos filesystem was nuked, i had to set a previous date and reinstall. I had nothing of value, i only used it for games soon later i switched to a pentium 133.

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