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Re: Dos wont respond to d key when mounting

Running "config -r -resetmapper" from inside DOSBox will delete the saved key mappings and close DOSBox, so when you restart it the keys will be back to defaults. Alternatively if you used the windows installer there is a "Reset KeyMapper" shortcut in the start menu under DOSBox->Options (which is …

Re: Game Suggestions.

in Milliways
leileilol wrote on 2020-03-13, 00:47: Quake3 (and most derivatives) have a 848x480 resolution in its video mode list so that's also something to try, given '99 was the period of wide plasma screens. Even Quake1 does, if the card returns a vesa mode for it.

Re: Install DOS in DOSBox

And speaking of Win9x, that works surprisingly well with DOSBox-X. It works just as well with SVN (which is to say, far from perfect) if you set the cputype to pentium_slow. Most page fault crashes are caused by programs trying to grow their stacks which requires proper usermode page access …

Re: dosbox-staging (DOSBox Git repo)

Let's say a game uses 16KHz as its internal mixing rate; do you think resampling to 11025, 22050 or 44100 is going to sound better than resampling to 16000 or 32000 (since they're "always bad")? The reason your test case only sounds "correct" at 11025, 22050 and 44100 is simply because it's a …

Re: dosbox-staging (DOSBox Git repo)

I personally only use GUS for PCM-audio playback, sound-effects, or CD-audio music, typically 8 channels or less. If the game's setup utility allows MIDI or MT32 playback, I use Timidity, FluidSynth, or Munt; and I'll use a sound-font tailored for the game (Yamaha, FatBoy, or ToH). I don't use the …

Re: dosbox-staging (DOSBox Git repo)

We limit them to 11 / 22 / 44, all of which play clean and in stereo for the 99-percentile cases. Not even close, because your test uses less than 15 channels so the master rate is always 44100. In most DOSBox use cases users are utilizing GUS for midi playback which uses many more channels ( …

Re: dosbox-staging (DOSBox Git repo)

I'm saying (as I have before) that the selection for "gusrate" shouldn't even exist; every channel being played should be resampled to the internal master rate that the card is running at, exactly like the real hardware does. Failure to do so results in samples being included in the output when they …

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