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Re: Resurrecting an old IBM Valuepoint 486 machine. How can I get it to contribute to World Community Grid?

chublord wrote on 2020-07-01, 02:22: 200 MB of RAM could include virtual memory, no? Probably not. Most of the WCG projects lock their working set for best performance/reduce the chance of errors. There's practically zero chance you'll be able to run anything without at least SSE anyway.

Re: Pentium MMX emulation patch

I think that's a bit of a mess at the moment. When X86_DYNFPU_DH_ENABLED is defined and the dyn_x86 core is active, it saves/restores the x87 state when it enters/exits the dynamic code (to the dyn_dh_fpu struct) but never actually copies everything back to the global FPU_rec struct. So TL;DR: you …

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