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Re: Guide to the DOSBox debugger

Anything that can be done with direct3d or pixel perfect output, can be done more cleanly and portably with opengl shaders; which SVN implemented. The SDL2 implementations offered so far have all had drawbacks and suffer roughly the same amount of new issues as what they claim is fixed by moving …

Re: Guide to the DOSBox debugger

Those forks aren't basing their code on the last official release though, are they? Plenty of the "improvements" that they boast about actually come directly from DOSBox SVN... like actual game fixes or better emulated hardware behavior... calling it "dead" when it's actually the driving force …

Re: Adventure games for beginners

in Milliways
Leisure Suit Larry (the first one) is actually very beginner-friendly with puzzles that make sense. It's probably the "easiest" of the Sierra adventures, and is very fair. The AGI version even has a much better parser than most Sierra games. LSL is actually one of the most unforgiving, there are …

Re: Blood 1997 & Gravis Ultrasound

After some trial and error, I got it to spit out a proper error message. Can we somehow increase that memory ? No, the GUS (classic) had a maximum of 1MB RAM and that's what DOSBox emulates. Any patch replacement sets should use individual patches that are the same size as the originals, because …

Re: Raspberry Pi 4 clone with x86 basis

in Milliways
And as an x86 might or might not deliver a better result at emulating an 486dx33 with the use of DosBox as compared to an RaspberryPI. Then there are more to it than just DosBox, when we are dealing with the best board for emulation. Heck. You can even install Munt with MT32 roms on Linux and have …

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