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Re: Blood resolution change after video

The GOG version is fully patched to 1.21. I copied those files to another folder and set them up with a newer dosbox and other fixes. Not sure what I did but the intro videos didn't play and the game launched to the menu directly. Then when I started the first episode that video played nicely in …

Re: Blood resolution change after video

Even if it worked for me, it would break on the next video, right? Heh, I abandoned my attempt, now I don't mount the CD image so there are no videos. I also abandoned the BMOUSE driver in favour of the BLOODMFX.EXE fix, for anyone landing here randomly from google :D I have another problem, though. …

Re: Blood resolution change after video

Thank you for your interest, sadly, it didn't work. Here is a capture of the game after the intro video of Episode 1. Also, if you upload another attempt, can you make it run as a TSR or accept cmdline parameters? Because I normally launch the game through a utility called BMOUSE for better mouse …

Re: Blood resolution change after video

The screenshot I posted was without a video having been played. Here are two screenshots, the upper is with machine=svga_s3 after the problematic resolution switch and another with machine=vesa_nolfb again after the problem, the difference is that in the svga_s3 a part of the screen is replicated in …

Re: Blood resolution change after video

My workaround is to save the game if a movie screws the resolution, exit, rerun the game and load it. Takes no more than 20 seconds. But it's weird that this happens, in a real PC I don't think this resolution change would be a problem, it's in Dosbox that the output suddenly fills the upper middle …

Re: Blood resolution change after video

I am using 640x400 ingame and have aspect correction Off, took a screenshot with CTRL-F5 Regardless of whether it's proper widescreen or stretched, why is it getting screwed up after playing a video? My installation is based on the GOG release, I copied it on a different folder and have applied some …

Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows)

I have memsize set to 64 and I get a message in the console about it being out of the accepted range of 1-63 and using the closest accepted number which is 63. Huh? Why can't I set the available memory to 64mb? The site of ECE says "Supports up to 384 MB of memory, required for running Windows 9x on …


in DOS
Have you tried fbmoudis from here? http://www.r-t-c-m.com/knowledge-base/downloa … al-controllers/ Maybe it's only for Build games but it may be worth a try

Blood resolution change after video

I have setup Blood pretty well and it's widescreen too, at 640x400 But when I start a New Game on Episode 1 it plays the video and when the gameplay starts the game is running inside a window with black bars down, left and right. It's obviously because of the resolution change for the video. Can I …

Re: Advice about gfx settings ?

in DOSBox General
That shader actually is the only one I like, thanks ! I'd given up on the shaders cause the ones I tried made is too cartoony trying to get rid of the jaggies ... But ... fullresolution 0x0 ? can you explain this and post the rest of your config please ?

Advice about gfx settings ?

in DOSBox General
Hello guys, just got Star Trek 25th Anniversary to work. I upgraded to the Daum fork and it has additional options. My goal is to have a clear/sharp image with correct aspect ratio AND to avoid resolution changes and screen tearing. I'm on win7 (1680x1050) , so I suppose Direct3D is the best output …

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