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Re: How to fix RB3D crashes with Radeon 9700?

I have the exact same problem: RB3D locks up on trying to exit a mission with AA and/or Aniso enabled. Works fine with them disabled, or when desktop is set to 16bpp, hence forcing OpenGLide to 16bpp output. The r300 + Cat 3.1 doesn't do 16bpp AA in OpenGL yet (it does in D3D.) Tried compiling cvs, …

Re: RB3D continued

Great work Glidos! I've nailed the 9700 problems down: OpenGlide is incompatible with the card's FSAA (it locks up), and having Aniso enabled slows the game down to a crawl. Running with both these disabled works like a charm, but I bought this card to play every sim/game I own at max IQ settings. …

Radeon 9700Pro Problems

Hi, Can't get Glidos to run RB without locking up my computer. When I fire a mission up, everything looks great for approximately 30 seconds. Then the graphics and sound freeze, and I have to perform a hard reset. My apologies if this is already a known issue, but I coudn't find any information on …

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