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Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows & Linux)

@Khvostik I can only give you a quick hint which is to just look into your dosbox-ECE.conf file since in there you can not only set all those options but they are also explained roughly. I'm sure someone else with more knowledge will reply in more detail and answer your other questions.

Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows & Linux)

Hi, I was about to update my DOSBox ECE installation (from the year 2019) which I never really began to use to the most current build. I had a look into the folder of my existing installation and saw the file "README for pixel-perfect patch.txt" there. That file isn't in the most current build's zip …

Re: Anyone have an intact Omega archive

I could upload the following: Nvidia Omega Drivers 1.4523 04.06.2003 Windows 98,ME (based on Forceware 45.23 which is also often the recommended Forceware at least for Windows 98/ME and it's the last Omega release for Windows 98/ME) Radeon Omega Drivers 2.6.37 based on Catalyst 4.2 (Windows 98/ME) [ …

Re: Best DOS video card?

I just tried to access the awesome "PCI and AGP video chips DOS compatibility" table on https://gona.mactar.hu/DOS_TESTS/ but it seems to be down. Can anybody confirm this and/or knows what's going on there?

Re: Sound Blaster LIVE! Versions

Thank you *very* much for your detailed answer. My question could've been a bit more pointy to get the information I needed, though your all-encompassing answer could be very helpful for anyone coming across this thread in the future :-) To sumarize what I basically wanted to know: an INF-file …

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