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Re: Emulation of rare graphics adapters

Greetings! For example, Hercules Graphics Card (720 × 348 × 2), is emulated by the resident program msherc.com ( qbherc.com ), and the CGA modes are emulated in it hgcibm.com or simcga.com , and some ohters ( 320 × 200 × 2 or 620 × 200 × 2). Hercules InColor Card is emulated as well? Interested in …

Re: Quake 1/2 + ATI Rage XL + 80486

in Windows
I suppose it's like running Doom II on a 386DX 40Mhz and the best ISA video card.. it can be done but it becomes a sort of lab experiment and not really a realistic gaming config. Pretty much, except the Rage XL isn't exactly the best 3D card for a 486 . EDIT: That and a 386DX40 is actually above …

Re: OSSC & Freesync Premium Pro

Scythifuge wrote on 2022-06-24, 18:46: Well I ordered it (finally,) so I hope it works. If 70Hz is within the range of supported variable input frequencies, my guess is that your chances are good. See here for some of my experience and conjecture : Re: Require a 4:3 VGA and SVGA display solution

Re: Quake 1/2 + ATI Rage XL + 80486

in Windows
As a baseline of sorts, an AMD Athlon XP 1800+ @ 2166 MHz (12x 180) gets about 32fps in GLQuake and 29fps in Quake 2 using a Rage XL at 640x480 in 16-bit color . I wouldn't set my hopes too high for a 486 at 133MHz with the same video card. http://hw-museum.cz/article/2/benchmark-vga-1998---2001-- …

Re: Here's an idea: using high endurance (micro)SD cards meant for continuous video recording as storage for retro gear

I tried and apparently succeeded in setting drive capacity of a 250GB Samsung 860 EVO to 128GB using [1] and unplugging/plugging the drive in a USB enclosure (apparently not recommended to use one of those) . Drive capacity went from [2] to [3] . I was also able to reverse the operation by setting …

Re: Partially fried MB

Do you have a multimeter ? I would measure the PSU's voltage rails with the PC powered on, but without any valuable ISA or PCI cards plugged in . What brand/model PSU are you using ? Do you have a spare to test with ? Do you know what component(s) burned (on the motherboard or elsewhere) ? I'm 100% …

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