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Re: Budget Isa with windows acceleration

FPU won't help unless you run a program that actually uses FPU (Windows as such do not). The FPU won't help with GUI acceleration. Sure seems like it does though. I don't think there is conclusive evidence that it does not I would imagine that would depend in part on whether the driver for the card …

Re: If you were able to go back say 15-20 years ago what one motherboard would you buy ?

Abit SH6 .. AFAIK only ever made slot-1 i815 An interesting curiosity, most certainly, but the only actual use case I would have seen at the time would have been somebody with a dead slot-1 board wanting to re-use the CPU . EDIT: On a different note and to be clear, I have no regrets per se either, …

Re: ATI Windows 9x DDC/EDID override

EDIT: 1920x1440 at 60Hz may be possible under single link DVI with custom timings using a reduced blanking interval . I got it working indeed. I had to use Powerstrip to add it, at which point I got an image but it wasn't working right. The NVidia control panel let me get CVT-RB configured though …

Re: Technological critique

in Milliways
Another grip is the loss of Analog Devices onboard audio ICs. They were good, cheap, and didn't do multichannel audio. Well, maybe not everyone's cup of tea. Now that I think about it, I think MIDI intelligent mode should have waited until the modern era when the sound modules are connected by USB. …

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