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Re: Best way to unistall programs and games in Windows 98?

in Windows
I just image the drive with Clonezilla or Acronis TrueImage (Ghost, DriveImage, Macrium Reflect might be other options). This is slower if using a vintage hard drive, but it's quite fast when using ab adapted SSD as an OS drive and backing upover 1Gb Ethernet on a late vintage Pentium 3 setup, for …

Re: Are any new Baby-AT boards being made that support 500MHz or faster CPUs and will fit in an IBM 5160 chassis?

You will likely find a multitude of newly made industrial ATX boards meant for older CPUs and sporting ISA and/or legacy PCI slots, but AT format ones appear less likely. Maybe you could consider using an ATX board and adapting it to fit in your preferred AT case non destructively. I believe this …

Re: Can a faster ISA Graphics card be built?

Sphere478 wrote on 2024-04-10, 01:54: Well, there is one way to make an isa card that is fast. […] Show full quote Well, there is one way to make an isa card that is fast. Give it a socket on a ribbon cable that plugs into an interposer on 486 socket Quasi VL bus What was the most capable VL GPU? …

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