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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: voodoo Attn: JFM

in GliDOS General
Hi JFM, try looking at http://www.wings-of-valor.org in the files section. I think there is a document about getting RB3D to function properly with XP. I think the answer is something about making rbprefs.dat into a read only file(easy by right clicking it and changing its properties), but check …

Re: RB3D has no sound using Glidos Glide wrapper

That's a good idea, because all the uninstalling and installing is a PITA with the superpatch. However, an new wrinkle: I discovered that the disappearing sound is independent of the Glide wrapper installation! I went back to RB3D to fly around in the (ugh) Direct Draw, and there was no sound! So, I …

RB3D has no sound using Glidos Glide wrapper

Hello. Let me preface my post with the information that I am NOT a computer brainiac. Please bear with my descriptions and lack of knowledge, and please try to "dumb things down" for me. I had originally posted this over in the Glidos area, but was informed I should take the problem here. Today I …

Re: RB3D continued

in GliDOS General
Never seen these problems before. I don't think its a fault with OpenGLide (that's what you are using, not Glidos). It sounds like an audio or video driver problem. See if you can find some more up to date drivers for your sound card and video card. Ok. Thanks for your help, and I'm sorry I was in …

Re: Re: Re: Re: voodoo

in GliDOS General
Hello. Today I downloaded the Glide Wrapper Glide2x.dll and the configuration file OpenGLid.ini so I could once again the full visual gloryof RB3D. Since I got my off-the-shelf Dell Dimension 8200 for Christmas, RB3D has lost that crisp look. When I fired up the game after installing the above files …

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