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Re: SBVGM (DOS) VGM Player

Hi OPLx, I hope I did not stressed you with that issue, I know is must be the third time I bring it to your attention. Having an hobby can become a burden if you feel an obligation to work on it and it's not what I'm trying to achieve. On the opposite, I was in the impression that to document the …

Re: Best tracker MODS ever [1988-2020]

in Milliways
oh I see youtube deleted all your work and now write "This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy against spam, deceptive practices and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations.". Do you think it would be that many mods are cover of …

ISA NIC on WIN2000

I have that new p4 computer based on the I845G chipset. It has this infamous NIC built-it RTL8139/810x that I was never able to make receive or send a packet thru the twisted pair wire. I did try some different cable/switch but was never successful. Apparently it's a common problem I thought would …

Re: Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos - play as Dawn

in DOS
haha... damn! thanks, I was about to write a patch to distribute it but I think it's useless now, you saved me some times willow... Although he seem to have proceeded by having the savegame edited instead. It has the advantage to make it easy if you have the cdrom version (no need for fakecd) and …

Re: Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos - play as Dawn

in DOS
none of my attempt a messing up with westpak2 and librarian worked. It seem that the game executable pay no respect to offset table structure in the beginning of general.pak. All edit of replacing the complete faces assets lead to corruption and editing table structure seem to be ignored. My …

Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos - play as Dawn

in DOS
After reading on the cutting room floor that there is a Dawn face drawn in the game data but never implemented I had the idea to replace the face of a protagonist. Ak'shel would be the one that made the most sense to me since his points are the most of what you would expect from Dawn as presented in …

Re: sb live! disable sb16 emulation

Thanks @Parus, finished testing the Kx drivers and they are really nice, I love them. Apparently the 3537 are the last to support win98se but I did not had luck using them (for some reason they wanted ntkernel so maybe they need nt after all) so I followed your suggestion and used the 3536 which …

Re: SoundBlaster 1.x line-out

Thank to your help Thermalwrong, I could quickly close this case. I now have a consistent and secure line level I can feed to the GUSPnP via it's internal cd-in connector. It bypass and do not disable the amplified output. I was a bit careless at first and solder the wrong side of the R3 and R4 …

Re: SoundBlaster 1.x line-out

oh wow ! Awesome schematic is that! Thanks to point it out to me. I think I will try it today. But dont you think it would be better to interface the line-out after R4 and R3, just before the volume wheel ? So that would give a more consistent line-out ?

Re: Ruined memory of an old game by playing it!

in DOS
space quest 1 vga remake. I was happy to take the time to redo it recently, as I had found memory of it but never played it much. Although, for some reason it felt rushed and buggy. I had more fun redoing space quest 3 just a tad before. Please do not flame me, I'm just answering the topic with a …

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