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Re: Distribute DOSBox Install Package

A further note: You can’t really test a multi-user application for consistency towards its databases. dbDOS for instance once demonstrated record locking would work in a DOSBox mod. Bogus, since record locking of course also depends on the actual content on disk (not some cached data). In a …

Re: DOS Printing problems

The HP Deskjet 895cse has a parallel and USB port. It supports PCL 3, so you can directly print to it by a DOS program in Windows 32-bit (NTVDM). The HP psc 1350 only has an USB port. That could be circumvented, but it doesn’t support PCL (DOS input) and so needs a Windows driver installed at the PC …

Re: Cut & Paste in DOSBox (03-20-2019)

Some DOS programs (GEM, Windows 3, Desqview, WP Shell…) could exchange data with other programs. But they at least have to run in the same operating system. They (like mentioned DOS app) instead run in DOSBox, not directly in Windows 10. And DOSBox doesn’t provide for a copy/paste ‘bridge’ to …

Re: Cut & Paste in DOSBox (03-20-2019)

DOS has no copy/paste functionality. Copying text is quite simple: Provide for a method to select a rectangle, then copy the text in it to the clipboard. Pasting: Push the text into the BIOS keyboard buffer. Don’t think copy/paste is of real interest for DOSBox/gaming. vDos implements both. Copy: …

Re: doskey macro gives "illegal command"

Don’t expect you’ll get anywhere with that problem. Walking the dog in the nearby park turned into an expedition to some bizarre regions of meanwhile three (four?) rainforests, dragging along the degrading corpse of the dog, getting more and more lost. You’re way beyond help, I at least won’t give …

Re: 64bit replacement of ntvdm

in DOS
“Microsoft Windows NTVDM on 64bit Windows” is also ‘just’ an emulator. Outdated, buggy, slower than DOSBox, the limitations and troubles (though some insist it is a Holy Grail) of Windows integration. That is clicking a DOS program to start. Those programs should then be real simple, w/o any further …

Re: LPT Mapping in DosBox

vDos is advertised especially suited to run multi-user/networked DOS applications. It is used in many diverse and even large network configurations. Read some of the vDos documentation, the ‘massive’ 21 lines of the original autoexec.txt file would already be a start.

Re: Printing from inside DOSBox

I didn’t think that, even to the contrarily: DOS printing to modern printers is more complex (That involves more than…). Sure, nothing would prevent DOSBox to do that, it’s just also more than a mere ‘like Word and other applications do’.

Re: Use DOSPRN to print from DOSBox

DOSPRN is a Windows program, it can’t be started from inside DOSBox (MegaBuild 6). You would have to setup your program to print to a file, then let DOSPRN monitor the print files. You could have a go with vDos, eventually you can still use DOSPRN for printing if vDos own print processor isn’t …

Re: Printing from inside DOSBox

Don’t think DOS users will be satisfied by a DOSBox mod ‘supporting printing’. That involves more than just sending ASCII data to a parallel or serial port. Most modern PC’s don’t have such ports, while printers often don’t support ASCII data streams.

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