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Re: MartyPC

I can't ever concentrate on one thing for very long, so I started working on VGA. vga_mode13.png with our new V20, we can even get Wolf3D to run: vga_modeY.png What you're seeing here in typical MartyPC style is the entire display field including hblank and vblank. There's no room for 'debug bits' …

Re: 8042 output port bits 4/5?

What BIOS is doing that? Because DD and DF make perfect sense on an AT keyboard controller - bits 4 and 5 are not used there at all. As for the case of PS/2 - remember that later KBC's and chipsets tend to have a "Fast A20" mode where writes to P2 only affect bit 1. The i440fx motherboard BIOS is …

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