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Re: Fixing the Roland CM-500 Vibrato Bug

holy _this will rattle out and short something_ batman I like to think that I took precautions for that, and so I highly doubt it. These are stiff wires and solid solder connections, but my modules mostly stay put and we don't get earthquakes in Wisconsin. A tornado could occur, but then my CM-500 …

Re: Fixing the Roland CM-500 Vibrato Bug

Here's my CM-500 modification, which should allow for easy reversion for posterity and the original vibrato bug. I put the oscillator crystals on a switch, although it's a tight spot, so I probably should have insulated the oscillators' exteriors with heat shrink tubing too. I used my Hakko FR-300 …

Re: Fixing the Roland CM-500 Vibrato Bug

For anyone interested in performing this modification, I am willing to send, at my expense, the requisite 8 MHz crystal, IC socket (where needed), and modified ROM IC; just provide me with a shipping address via PM. You are so generous! I've already been sourcing everything for the modification, …

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