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Re: VRAM options (Virge)

UTSource has IC41C16256-35K for US $1.11282 /PC (those are EDO). IC41C16257-35K (FPM) are more expensive . However shipping is little pricey. Probably, you will get it much cheaper from ebay. AFAIK you can use EDO in TRIO/Virge cards.

Re: Windows 95 vs Windows 98

in PC Emulation
IMHO Windows 98 4.10.1998 (First edition) is quite snappy for Pentium 1 with 64MB ram. It's good compromise between 95OSR2 and 98SE. Almost the same overhead and more user friendly (than Windows 95).

Re: Awe64 + PCI card with Yamaha chip

Baoran wrote on 2020-10-29, 06:26: Main thing is. Is there software that allows me to disable the FM emulation in awe64 in dos. If I remember correctly if you don't place Copy code to clipboard 1 aweutil /s in autoexec.bat, you will not hear FM music from AWE32/64

Re: What should I replace my savage4 with?

According to Philscompterlabs Nvidia 9x Graphics Drivers - GF4MX460 is supported since version 28.32 which is dated March 2002. I've never experienced any problems or glitches on drivers as high as 40.72, 43.45 or 45.23. Also I'm in doubt that any Riva (128/TNT/TNT2) using very early driver version …

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