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Re: What graphics card for a Pentium II 400?

I would go for the GeForce 256 since it allows you to use early nVidia drivers. [...] Geforce 256 was also known to be power-hungry. So, if you have weak motherboard take it into consideration. Geforce 2MX is on the same performance level with definitely lower energy consumption. I remember times …

Re: FX 5200 AGP - Best models

There are full size cards with only half of the memory chips populated. I'm almost 100% sure that they are 64bit. You may also consider buying Geforce FX5500. Those are practically the same as FX5200. Earlier drivers can be easily modified to work with those. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= …

Re: MiniPro TL866II+ firmware update

in Milliways
This post probably will clarify your doubts: https://gitlab.com/DavidGriffith/minipro/-/is … #note_269118186 Didn't try it myself though. I've always updated firmware in windows (I have older TL866A).

Re: DX6/7 Retro GPU choice via features for a P2-300

About the Geforce 4 MX while I didn't use it I agree it might be a great late DX7 card but still far from period correct. It might work I suppose but the driver overhead might be a bit too much for the old cpu and also I'd check the bus wattage compatibility just like for the Radeon 7500. Anyway I …

Re: DX6/7 Retro GPU choice via features for a P2-300

I would use Radeon 7500LE. Radeon 7000 doesn't have TnL engine. Even on P2 400 it is usable. Beware ot third party Rage/Radeon builds - they can have poor analog VGA image quality. Build by ATI cards have excellent image ! Although not period correct - Geforce 4MX is also very good card. Excelent …

Re: Best driver for FX5200 on Windows XP

Can you show us rest of your build ? Most important is motherboard I think (especially its chipset). I'm not familiar with MechWarrior series. Are the newer games also performing that bad? I.e Quake 3, NFS5 etc ? Edit. Ok. Mechcommader 2 is from 2001, so should be more or less period correct to your …

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