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Re: SoftMPU project needs your help! (game & sound card testing)

in SoftMPU
Bondi wrote on 2021-03-11, 09:42: Thank you for the info. But for some reason SoftMPU works with HOMM2, which uses DOS4GW. SoftMPU seems to work with games using the "Miles Sound System" sound library for some reason . I have tried Warcraft II with success and Heroes of Might and Magic II uses the …

Re: How to get the AWE64D CT4600 working in DOS?

Here are all the PCI registers I managed to identify when playing around with different settings of the Sound Blaster emulation in Windows. Sound Blaster low DMA Register 40h bit 7-6 0 00 1 01 3 11 Sound Blaster IRQ Register 41h bit 1-0 5 00 7 01 9 10 10 11 Enable Sound Blaster? Register 41h bit 7 …

Re: Different Versions of Ensoniq AudioPCI

Does the Ensoniq 1370 with Ensoniq drivers offer an option for Ensoniq Soundscape only under DOS? So no Sound Blaster including FM? I've seen attempts to disable only the FM, but can the Sound Blaster inc. FM be disabled all together? And the 1370 is incompatible with the Creative drivers? Vendor …

Re: How to connect SC-55 in DOS?

captain_koloth wrote on 2021-02-07, 03:21: Well as I mentioned it does work in DOS and I'm having the problem with other cards also. What other cards do you have problems with? The CT4750 and other Ensoniq PCI based cards doesn't output MIDI through the game port in DOS. Same applies to the Live! …

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