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Re: Windows 95/98 emulation/VM options?

in PC Emulation
3D acceleration may be possible, MAYBE, in two scenarios: DosBox-X with glide passthrough; QEMU 3Dfx with glide passthrough. In these two, you need glide support on your host machine AFAIK. Another third scenario is VMware with Windows XP. I have a XP vm with Direct3D support Do modern GPUs even do …

DOS/Windows, Mouse Acceleration and you

First of all, mouse acceleration is real. Example of what is not real: Half-Life 3. Secondly, this is all really easy and quick , I just made it as long as possible. In DOS, commonly used MOUSE.COM and CTMOUSE.EXE are used as mouse drivers, which can use command switches for options. Windows 9x use …

Re: xBRZ - High quality image scaling support for DOSBox

in DOSBox Patches
Because I know squat about coding, and that problem didn't even cross my mind :( I also suspected that your shaders.zip used old implementations of xBR - which worried me performance-wise how much FPS are they eating away. And also, perhaps making some .cg vs .fx compatibility with DOSBox patch? And …

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