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Re: the unofficial Vogons server centric thread

My main PC is a 2008 vintage HP ProLiant ML115 G5. CPU is AMD Opteron 1354, a quad core K10 @ 2.2 GHz(pretty much same as original Phenom x4). 8 GB or DDR2 RAM, it has a somewhat unusual Nvidia chipset motherboard with a Matrox G200 graphics embedded into the chipset. The second GPU is an Nvidia …

Re: Bought this (Modern) hardware today

HP z200 workstation rear.jpg HP z200 workstation.jpg Bought this today, a 2010 HP Z200 workstation, it has a Xeon X3450 CPU, 4 GB RAM and includes 3 caddy's for HD's. There is a GPU in there but no idea what until it arrives. I was short a machine as a friend needed a PC to replace a dead Toshiba …

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