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Re: Best CGA & Hercules games

He is one of my all time favourite games and it works a treat on Hercules and it's officially been released for free by the original makers also, double bonus! https://streetrodonline.com/downloads/ Get the Street Rod SE version as the hercules files seem to be missing from the original, anyhow no …

Re: Looking for a particular NES game

I think Leileilol is right. Weirdly we were playing this one on the Famicom just the other day, it's still in the console! Obake no Q-Taro Wan Wan Panic that roughly translates to Q-Taro the ghost woof, woof panic. The game is from Bandai in 1985 and based around a popular manga and anime series …

Re: ESCOM Pentium 100

Sorry to dig up an old thread but this is/was my dream PC! I had the P75 version of this in the exact same tower case and I have a dream that one day I will own such a machine again as my first PC was from Escom! A few months after purchasing such a beast I ended up working in one of their stores …

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