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Re: 8042 output port bits 4/5?

And it looks like I typo'd above, I meant, until OBF is clear. Basically, there's two conditions for a command to be processed: IBF set and OBF clear, ie. there must be a byte in the input buffer and nothing in the output buffer.

Re: 8042 output port bits 4/5?

- superfury: From what I see in the disassembled and commented IBM AT and PS/2 8042 firmwares on halicery (you need to use the Wayback Machine now since the site is now gone), commands are not processed until IBF is clear (ie. there is no incoming data to be read).

Re: Effect of ELCR set on the IRQ lines and 8259 PIC?

I believe that's an erratum in the Intel PIIX/PIIX3 datasheet - I believe the specification update says it should be active high instead. So the effect is the same as setting the edge/level setting of the PIC (which does not work on the PIIX* precisely because the ELCR is meant to be used instead), …

Re: Ensoniq / Creative AudioPCI

I have a question - how does the MIDI UART FIFO work on this? The datasheet is very unclear on this. There's 8 bytes of FIFO, but are all 8 bytes used for TX and RX together, are there 4 bytes for TX + 4 bytes for RX, or what's going on?

Re: 86Box increase speed

You just need to go to Settings and choose an emulated machine that's ACPI-capable. On PCem, that's going to be that lonely Gigabyte with 440BX and the one VIA Super Socket 7 machine, but on 86Box, you have a wider selection of machines with ACPI, including for Pentium, eg. the NuPro with 430TX.

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