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Re: Displaying VGA on a stock IBM 5175 PGA monitor?

5175_5160.jpg THANKS GUYS! :champagne: :joy_cat: It was indeed just a matter of fiddling with the H. FREQ pot to get a stable picture. You don't know how happy I was to finally see the DOS prompt on screen :rofl: I also tweaked H. PHASE, H. WIDTH and V. SIZE 2. (V. SIZE 1 doesn't seem to have any …

Displaying VGA on a stock IBM 5175 PGA monitor?

A few years ago I acquired a non-functional IBM 5175 monitor - apart from a RIFA cap in the PSU the rest of the monitor looked very clean and barely used. It took me a while to have the PSU recapped but I've finally put the whole thing back together in the hope of displaying VGA on it :fingers_ …

Re: sleeper build

As for the power button: The original switch and the one you posted are ON/OFF switches. They will either let all current through or none. This is not how ATX works. For this you need a MOMENTARY switch that gives the motherboard a short pulse to indicate that it should power on or off. These …

Re: Rick Dangerous (1989) +8 TRAINER

in DOS
Thank you for making this! I bought the game at the time of release and even though it was way too difficult and not as good a port as the Amiga or Atari ST version, I still really enjoyed it and I have fond memories of it. Funnily enough I decided to hex-mod it for infinite lives a few months ago …

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