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Setting up network shares for Windows 98 on a NAS?

i'm not sure where to put this so the offtopic was a safe bet, but i've setup a NAS using a Debian 11 Minimal install setup samba, apache2 ( for a web management GUI) partitioned out it's 2TB HDD pretty much to /,/home,/temp and a mount point partitin for isolating NAS data ( so if something happens …

Re: VGA Capture Thread

since im going to be replacing a Display of mine that Had VGA and what i will have doesnt, whats a decent but not bank breaking means of Converting VGA to HDMI that supports a good range of Resolutions? Define "bank breaking" and define "decent" . Also, Do you want 70Hz in-out capability for DOS …

Re: What retro hardware you killed today or in the past :(. Killing spree stories+serial killers are welcome.Rest in pieces.

I nearly killed my SHUTTLE HOT-555A... A floppy molex connector landed right and square on the IDE header, thankfully I hadn't turned the power on! i wish i had a close call with my SHUTTLE HOT-677 V2.2 , it just stopped booting one day i dont know if this cheap "EL Series" PSU fried it or not RIP …

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