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SB16 CT2980 With CQM Chip - Cant get Music/FM To work

Ive tried everything I can think of, CTCM is set up correctly, I can use SoftMPU and run my sc-55, but if i try to play any games with FM, the card is silent. Even if i disable softmpu, unplug the sc-55, set the mixer, etc. If I go into diagnose.exe and run a test though, it plays music just fine... …

Diamond Speedstar Pro - Timing Issue trying to fix

So I have a Diamond Speedstar pro, it's essentially a GD-5429 reference implementation from what I can tell. Anyway, yesterday, i went to use it and when the computer POSTs, i noticed the monitor comes on but it says "out of range". Tried everything, including a few other motherboards to the same …

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