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Re: New sound card project: AWE64 Legacy

Yeah, in Russia it's the same. One of my outbound parcels to Germany appeared there after a month of silence. Another package from the US (Express Mail) took 2 months to arrive. It's a worldwide problem now, we just have to be a bit more patient, and that will be rewarded 😀

Re: New sound card project: AWE64 Legacy

The current plan is to produce some ~50 PCBs, assemble ~20-25 with our stock of donors and needed parts, and the rest (~25-30) will be available as loose cards for your soldering pleasure. So we don't need any donor cards at the moment, nor are we planning to offer any discount, etc, if these are …

Re: New sound card project: AWE64 Legacy

Speaking purely from an end user perspective, wouldn't that break Adlib compatibility in a game? You would then be required to specifically write an Adlib driver to access the OPL chip via port 388h. No, we were thinking to put the discrete OPL3 at the SB port address in addition to the standard …

Re: New sound card project: AWE64 Legacy

Hey guys, a quick question: is anybody aware of any game or software that can access OPL3 only at the SB base port (220/240) and not at the classic Adlib port (388)? We're thinking about adding some circuitry to mirror the OPL3 at SB base port, but unexpectedly haven't found a single game that …

Re: New sound card project: AWE64 Legacy

Totally legitimate! Any action that prevents them from being recycled is good imho, preventive hoarding is absolutely fine too. Speaking serious, don't worry that much. Our project is expected to have a PCB count of 50 at most (could lead to a second batch of another 50), so that won't hurt the …

Re: Cloning the AdLib Gold Surround Sound Module

Well, I don't have much, to be honest. The idea is that the Adlib Gold prototype quite resembles the production card, the only missing part being the Z0538010VSC SCSI controller chip, the 50-pin header, and a resistor array as a terminator (I may be wrong here), look: GBP_2271_smol.jpg AdLib-Gold- …

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