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Re: Shapeshifter on Amiga?

And what classic Mac would it be emulating? I'm not sure how far work on Shapeshifter proceeded, or if it got the same amount of attention that Basilisk II received. But ultimately it would definitely be one of the 68k Macs – the high-end would be a Quadra running OS 8.1. Anything else would be PPC …

Shapeshifter on Amiga?

Hi all. As I have recently gotten a Furia accelerator for my Amiga600, then I am wondering about setting up Mac emulation on it. My Amiga600 spec's so far: - Individual Computers a604n memory upgrade. (giving a total of 2mb ChipRam) - Individual Computers IndivisionECS-V2 scandoubler. - Furia-020 …

Re: What will happen, if I run a mag-lev fan upside down?

in Milliways
wiretap wrote on 2020-02-17, 22:21: Works fine.. I have a few and they have a pretty strong magnet holding the fan in place. So. It is not electromagnetic technology, that makes the bearing. Only electromagnetic technology for the driving of the fan? The "bearing" are constructed in conventional …

Re: What will happen, if I run a mag-lev fan upside down?

in Milliways
Obviously the fan will stay still and the machine spins around, duh. Nahhh.... I was more thinking of, if it will fall out of it bearing or the magnets not being able to drive it anymore. Because it internally will grind surface against surface. I have no more exact way of explaining it, because I …

What will happen, if I run a mag-lev fan upside down?

in Milliways
I have seen these maglev fan's around. As far as I understand, they run on magnetic levetation and not sleve or ball bearing. I don't think that I have ever had any maglev fan, and if I have had one, then I was not aware of it. The question that I have, are really simple. What will happen if I run …

Re: What are you eating/drinking? (the vogons food thread)

in Milliways
Lots of ketchup. With eggs? Heresy! Lots of ways to go. Simple salt and pepper. Thyme. Cheese. Cream instead of milk. Ketchup is something I would expect in a bad greasy spoon. Just salt and pepper, and scrambled on a pan. Personally I find cheese... How to say polite... Like a muslim look at pork. …

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