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[SOLVED] Can someone identify these two zener diodes for me?

in Milliways
EDIT: Problem solved elsewere on the internet.... I all.... I have these two zener diodes that I need to identify what is what. The top one (orange'ish) have the number 235 written on it. The grey one, I dont know about. They were both in the same bag, however they are not marked as such. Acording …

Re: What are you eating/drinking? (the vogons food thread)

in Milliways
Had 150 gram of fried bacon, 6 fried egg's and 50 gram of fried tiny sausages for breakfast. Plus a cup of coffee, using my new coffee cup. Listening to THIS album (YouTube link) at the same time. It is this awesomme looking coffee cup... Kaffekop.jpg What a lovely morning, can't complain. It made …

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