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Re: Was GM a thing in the 486 era?

yeah I remember it being on the CD, but you could definitely choose opl3 or midi. I remember the opl3 sound track the most because I used to play multi player with a friend direct modem to modem with a spawned multi install. edit: That's probably a reasonable assumption but its not very cut and …

Re: Was GM a thing in the 486 era?

sort of depends on where you cut off the 486 era too. at least in my part of Australia Pentiums were still very expensive for a couple of years after release and it was still common for people to have 486s till the late 90s. Warcraft 2 has great midi support from 1995 and when I think back it was …


Why do 2 modules ? :) just add a wavetable header the biggest problem you have with a wavetable header is that while the s2/x2 work on purely 5 volts most other wavetable cards require +12v and -12v which you can't source nearly so easily. I made a daughter board to use the s1 with dosbox on a …

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