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Re: Anybody Folding@Home?

in Milliways
Just a note to say that Folding@home has had plenty of work units recently - my CPUs and main GPU are constantly occupied. I did need to tell it not to use the Quadro 6000, though, it's far too slow compared to the Vega 56. Speaking of Vega, if you have one ensure the latest bleeding edge driver is …

Re: Going SAS for storage - downsides?

in Milliways
Only downside I can really think is like SCSI its a dead end technology once drive supplies run out that controller is useless unless it can do SATA. All SAS controllers support SATA natively, you can plug the drives in transparently. Don't try doing it the other way around, your system really …

Re: PCI-E Bandwidth and you

You'll be fine. Ages ago I did some comparison of PCI-e 1.0 speeds. 16x PCI-e 1.0 was faster than 4x PCI-e 1.0 but not /that/ faster, using an HD6950. PCI-e 2.0 4x is the same as PCI-e 1.0 8x so I doubt you'll even notice. On the other hand, PCI-e 1.0 1x is slow as dirt (much slower than AGP 2x), …

Re: AMD stopped producing Radeon VII

in Milliways
Radeon RX 5950 XT 24 GB HBM2e ;) Fake, apparently. The Radeon VII is a fairly useless GPU unless you need to do compute, in which case it's a bargain. There's no truly decent GPU at the moment. The Nvidia cards are fast, but expensive, and with poor open source support. The AMD cards have had a …

Re: Jerky scrolling in Commander Keen 6

use DOSBox, Keen 4-6 under it is indistinguishable from real hardware. losing that border is pretty distinguishable Oddly, I don't remember a cyan border, so either I was being blind when doing a comparison (I did a Dosbox vs Real DOS Keen 6 A/B comparison), or it doesn't appear on my system. I'll …

Re: Proposed OS/2 Build

Nice. SMP is mostly pointless in OS/2, it's only available in ArcaOS, and Warp Advanced Server as mentioned. Not all drivers are SMP safe either, despite the fact they only run on CPU 0. You'll need to upgrade to the latest service pack and run the latest patched kernel to effectively run Firefox, …

Re: Jerky scrolling in Commander Keen 6

root42 wrote on 2020-02-27, 09:35: Maybe it's simply bad VGA compatibility in the Ati. Keen uses some sophisticated EGA and VGA features. Yep, see https://gona.mactar.hu/DOS_TESTS/. Try a different card, or use DOSBox, Keen 4-6 under it is indistinguishable from real hardware.

Re: The Budget 1997 OS/2 Warp PC

Personally I always use OS/2's Boot Manager for multiboot - this should be installed as the first partition. If you're doing it in that order, following it by Primary FAT32 is fine with everything else logical. However, I'd allocate it in the order Boot Manager, FAT32 Win95, OS/2 Boot, Linux root …

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