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Re: Heads Up: Roland Sound Canvas VA VSTi Plugin!

Here is the latest Win x64 build of EmuSC , if you want to try it. Of course it's missing the SC-55 ROM files, those you have to get on your own. I checked the provided EmuSc. I get sound, even though there are still a lot of issues. Of course you also have to push the virtual power button of the …

Re: AdLib GOLD clone is now a reality

keropi wrote on 2022-10-19, 20:18: I still have to check though if I have enough yamaha surround chips - it was a PITA to get these and be actual real working ones... Best retro sound project ever! ..do you mean that there it a problem with fake chips from China?

Re: Music module guts

Salient wrote: Internals of Korg NS5R: http://members.ziggo.nl/salient/vogons/NS5R/Korg%20NS5R%20Internals.jpg […] Show full quote Internals of Korg NS5R: By the way on your homepage you put the wrong photograph online for the NS5R! (you linked the Emu Soundengine)

Re: Korg NS5R Question

Salient wrote: Renewed MIDI comparison website: << wavetable >> Thank you for updating your homepage. Great to see some new recordings. Maybe you want to advertise your new homepage in a different thread.

Re: Damaged CT1900

You also have to replace the Wavetable Adapter. Please desolder CT1900-U7 and read out the chip and provide the mD5 checksum or the checksum of the software from the flash rom programmer. As I have a CT1900 I can help you to replace The U7 ROM. By the way, I helped to repair a different soundcard …

Re: X3M Buran : General MIDI Space Race

Thanks for testing, your feedback is very welcome Is it a clipping problem you experience ? Are you testing on an X2 with the default preset ? I will test in exactly the same setup, find a solution, and will report back ASAP The volume seems to be wrong, no issues with clipping as far as I can say. …

Re: General MIDI Space Race -- Project X3M Polaris

a beta version of the Buran 0.9 GM bank is now available at http://serdaco.com/downloads/?dir=X2/X2_SoundbankPack/GM/BURAN Thanks again for improving the Sound bank. I tested the Buran 0.9 bank with the Intro of Dark Forces. Unfortunately I recognized a problem with the "synth brass 1". It sounds …

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