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Re: AdLib GOLD clone is now a reality

keropi wrote on 2022-10-19, 20:18: I still have to check though if I have enough yamaha surround chips - it was a PITA to get these and be actual real working ones... Best retro sound project ever! ..do you mean that there it a problem with fake chips from China?

Re: Music module guts

Salient wrote: Internals of Korg NS5R: http://members.ziggo.nl/salient/vogons/NS5R/Korg%20NS5R%20Internals.jpg […] Show full quote Internals of Korg NS5R: By the way on your homepage you put the wrong photograph online for the NS5R! (you linked the Emu Soundengine)

Re: Korg NS5R Question

Salient wrote: Renewed MIDI comparison website: << wavetable >> Thank you for updating your homepage. Great to see some new recordings. Maybe you want to advertise your new homepage in a different thread.

Re: Damaged CT1900

You also have to replace the Wavetable Adapter. Please desolder CT1900-U7 and read out the chip and provide the mD5 checksum or the checksum of the software from the flash rom programmer. As I have a CT1900 I can help you to replace The U7 ROM. By the way, I helped to repair a different soundcard …

Re: X3M Buran : General MIDI Space Race

Thanks for testing, your feedback is very welcome Is it a clipping problem you experience ? Are you testing on an X2 with the default preset ? I will test in exactly the same setup, find a solution, and will report back ASAP The volume seems to be wrong, no issues with clipping as far as I can say. …

Re: General MIDI Space Race -- Project X3M Polaris

a beta version of the Buran 0.9 GM bank is now available at http://serdaco.com/downloads/?dir=X2/X2_SoundbankPack/GM/BURAN Thanks again for improving the Sound bank. I tested the Buran 0.9 bank with the Intro of Dark Forces. Unfortunately I recognized a problem with the "synth brass 1". It sounds …

Re: Adlib Gold question

As keropi said, please install the caps. Maybe it is not easy to find an owner of the card. But it should be easy to guess the capacity. Check out the tantals on the bottom right of the card. Do all have the same Specs? Typical are 16V and 10uF. For the electrolyte Cap, should be the same as the fat …

Re: Orchid SoundWave 32 restoration

And be aware to switch between GM & MT32 modus in sw32.exe Why? Just if you want to be sure that it is in correct mode for the game. MT-32 on the SW32 does not sound good at all, even though Monkey Island does not use "special instruments" that non-geniune MT-32 hardware is not able to play back …

Re: Orchid SoundWave 32 restoration

Great job. I am happy that you were able to revive the card. I was not sure about it, because I thought that there was a defect on the card. Otherwise, why should one remove parts from the card? You should definately try a GM game e.g. Dark Forces, Day of the Tentacle, Sam&MAX, DOOM and the like. …

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