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Re: Sound blaster Live Dos Sound Emulation

in DOS
I tried to get SB Live DOS Emulation to work with a SB0220 on a P4 build but it would never work. Just got to a new Athlon 64 build on an Asus A8V-Deluxe and it works flawlessly so I guess it's all about having the correct motherboard and chipset 😀

Re: Minimal install for DOSBox/95 gaming

Not sure where to post or if someone could help: I have Win98SE dosbox install with 3dfx voodoo emu enabled. Games run fine in software mode (half-life, tomb raider 2, blood 2) but performance is terrible when I select the 3dfx voodoo. games run between 10-15fps, is this normal or is my setup broken …

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