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Re: DOS games with native DB50XG/SW60XG support

I would have to guess very few. If memory serves, Yamaha's XG MIDI is basically an extension of the General MIDI standard (similar to Roland's "General Standard" or "GS"). Having suppprt for XG MIDI in the game's setup menu doesn't necessarily mean it supports the additional instruments of that …

Re: How to get a secondary monochrome monitor working in DOS and how to connect it to a modern display?

I think the easiest would be to install a dedicated monochrome display adapter with a separate monochrome monitor. Since MDA occupies a different memory address space than either CGA, EGA or VGA, they can co-exist quite happily together. Just make sure you don't "allocate " the MDA memory address …

Re: Far Cry (2004): Foggy level

in Windows
miller11568 wrote on 2023-12-28, 16:27: Are there ways to fix the foggy level using a hex editor instead of patching to 1.4? Why do you want to fix the problem yourself with a hex editor when there is already a patch available that fixes the problem? Sounds a bit counter intuitive.

Re: What was your experience and thought process like when buying or upgrading a computer in the '80s / '90s?

Computers in the 80's (IBM PC's and their clones) were still very expensive for the average home user. Back then, owning a computer (I'm not referring to the 8-bit range of computers like your Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, etc.) was more of a luxury than a necessity for most people. Remember there was …

Re: SB64AWE memory size in Dos games

BloodyCactus wrote on 2023-12-21, 01:06: jesolo wrote on 2023-12-21, 00:48: The only time where RAM could provide some additional benefit (under DOS) or mod players! the more the bigger mods/s3m/xm/it you could play True. Forgot to mention that.

Re: SB64AWE memory size in Dos games

I think your confused. All AWE32+AWE64 had the same ROM. the AWE64 Gold had 4mb RAM, not ROM! for games that uploaded samples, if they worked on the 512kb card, they will sound the same on the 4mb. I know of no games that downsampled to fit lower memory. What still confuses me is the cards with no …

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