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Re: After you die, who inherits your computer?

in Milliways
JonathonWyble wrote: I'd probably just wipe the hard drives of my computers clean and sell them to people for free. But I'll be around up until the 2090's, so my PCs would be gotten rid of decades before my death 🤣 2090 eh? That's very optimistic. Are you 5 years old now?

Re: Maximum Network Speed on Win 95/98/SE

You have many other bottlenecks in a system that old, but as others have mentioned 10/100 NIC linking at 100M Full Duplex can do at most 12-13M/s fully saturated with something of the least protocol overhead (something like a large FTP transfer over UDP). However, this is only on a more modern …

Re: Media Vision Pro Audio Spectrum 16 ?

I bought a MediaVision multimedia kit in around 1994. It is long gone, but based on what I recall, it was probably a Jazz-16 based card with the Panasonic CD-ROM interface and drive. It came in a nice big purple and orange box, if my memory serves (and it may not!). I had no problem playing any …

Re: Microsoft (Bill Gates) strikes again!

in Milliways
He took a really dumb risk and customs found it. It sucks, but it was a dumb choice to have them made in China and shipped over. If he had done it in the US, he probably would never have been caught. I read elsewhere that the Microsoft and Dell logo were still on them, so they were "counterfeit" no …

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