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Re: xp, 2k, nt3.5, nt4, nt5, dos 6 source and more leaked

in Milliways
I'd think old driver source would be more interesting, nvidias particularlly, but w9x source I could imagine some people wanting to go back to scratch old itches, get past the 512mb limit, past 30 day uptime, remove the do not run if not microsoft checks, see how compatible they could make it with …

xp, 2k, nt3.5, nt4, nt5, dos 6 source and more leaked

in Milliways
"The source code for Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and other Microsoft operating systems have been published online this week. The OS sources were leaked online as a 42.9 GB torrent file on 4chan, an online message board often frequented by trolls and extremist groups. The content of this torrent …

Re: Win98 CPU speeds

There hasn't been a what's better EAX vs A3D debate(A3D BTW,) a "they aren't equivalent, I didn't mean that, given the way it was written that's how it was taken" interaction is what transpired. Nothing, except maybe price and availability, is stopping you from getting both (i.e. Creative and …

Re: Win98 CPU speeds

Turn of the century A3D 2.0 games come to mind. Stuff like Deus Ex and Voyager Elite Force. This is only an issue if you care about A3D since Aureal Vortex cards don't work correctly under anything newer than Win9x. That said, most of these games also support EAX which works just fine under WinXP. …

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