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Re: Sam & Max Season 2 not running on Windows 7

in Windows
Okay, it turns out the cracked exes I downloaded are incompatible with the version of the game I have. It seems there were 2 versions of the game released physically. One titled "Sam & Max Season 2" and the one I have, "Sam & Max: Save The World". Which means my copy of the game is completely …

Sam & Max Season 2 not running on Windows 7

in Windows
So I decided to play through the Sam & Max Telltale games again, and I've been having a problem with running Season 2. The original exe requires the exe and makes the disc drive go crazy. Turns out it was using SecuROM. So I tried an exe that doesn't require the disc, and all that shows up is a …

Problems installing A Bug's life on Windows 7

in Windows
I'm trying to install A Bug's Life on my Windows 7 PC, and I can't even get the game installed. AUTOPLAY.exe does absolutely nothing (Nothing comes up on Resource Monitor either), and setup.exe is telling me it can't find the file I'm trying to run. Sorry I can't give any more info. That's all I …

Re: Glover won't install on Windows 7 64-bit

in Windows
Okay, I found the registers it installed on the VM, and copied them over to windows. The config still doesn't run, but now the game starts, but it keeps flashing and runs really slow. I found that there's a 3Dfx option on the config, which I can't access, and copying over the .cfg file doesn't …

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