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Re: DOSBox Wish List

in DOSBox General
Great suggestions above. What I'd love to see incorporated at some point was suggested in the old (zophar?) dosbox forums and involves possibly the most significant graphic upgrade for old games. Unfortunately, I can't remember what the technology/method was called. :s-face: But it involves a kind …

Re: New vid cards + VESA support

in DOS
Thanks Major Grubert and others. I have followed past discussions a little bit regarding the VESA mode problems which affects my Geforce4 ti4200. I haven't tried either solution you mentioned though I may still do that. This problem with the Geforce4 was one of the reasons for my post in the first …

Re: New vid cards + VESA support

in DOS
Thanks. When you say backward compatible, what do you mean: DOS games, old windows games, both? In addition to proper VESA support (which my Geforce4 didn't give me) driver compatibility and stability with older games are important to me. So I'm curious to hear from people who have success playing a …

New vid cards + VESA support

in DOS
Hi all! I am upgrading my video card and looking at the ATI Radeon 9800 pro and MSI GeForce FX5900XT-VTD128. I want a card that not only runs new and future games well, but one that is as compatible as possible with old games. I have had problems in the past (e.g. Geforce4) which do not have good …

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