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Re: How about a MR-BIOS ROM file repository?

I added some Mr Bios manuals to vogonsdrivers. http://www.vogonsdrivers.com/index.php?catid=77 and I updated the bios bundle here: https://www.vogonsdrivers.com/getfile.php?fileid=1971 When the table was moved to google docs, did it need to be removed from the website also? This is the antithesis …

Re: How about a MR-BIOS ROM file repository?

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link directly, but sometime back I made some MR BIOS stickers for myself - I recently showed them to Geekenspiel and they made their own, which are up for sale now. So you can now get a pretty sticker to put over your upgraded BIOS to make it look a little more legit. …

Re: Keen 4/5 monitor flicks

keenmaster486 wrote on 2022-04-12, 16:24: Yes, Smartdrive creates a disk cache in RAM. It will speed up disk access some, but you will only really notice a difference in Windows. If you already have a CF card, I wouldn't bother. Even running doom or compiling in turbo c shows a difference.

Re: SB Awe32 Upgrade Card - Goldfinch! CT1920

I got one recently, paired it with a YMF-724 PCI sound card and it worked fine (I wired 2.54mm header jumper wires from its goldfinch header to one of the CD inputs on the Yamaha card). The only issue I encountered was it requires the -5v power line on the ISA bus, which the picopsu (junk) that I …

Re: Converting modern video files to older formats

leileilol wrote on 2022-03-17, 04:48: For the most compatible, 1995-period-correct (and probably MPC compliant), no-codec-pack-needed command.... ffmpeg.exe -i %1 -r 15 -s 320x240 -ar 22050 -acodec adpcm_ms -vcodec cinepak %1.avi (be advised that ffmpeg's cinepak encoder is SUPER slow) nice

Re: Crazy Idea - MT32 WaveBlaster Card

I think solutions such as Serdashop's board are neat but there is cheaper options for DIYers too. Part of the cost in these things is the time that had to be invested - it's not just materials cost. If you do it yourself that can be fun, but you hit a lot of the annoying things they did. I'm fine …

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