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Re: NATIVE DOS on Haswell computer: keyboard and graphics problems. So near, yet so far!!

I'd wonder how FreeDOS is doing with it if any? Or any of the USB drivers perhaps? Then putting aside the many possible UEFI voodoo "hopeful workarounds", did you try to tinker with XHCI pre-boot mode, XHCI Hand-off or Port 60/64 Emulation options in its settings? (I mean, idk about your potato pc, …

Re: Enabling D3D9On12 for DirectX 1-9

in Windows
Cool, though for the time being you'd have to compile it yourself to try. Microsoft really takes it easy to ship updates, and even with the latest patched W10 22H2 (not sure if insider on W11 couldn't be luckier?) I'm still stuck to several-months-old 10.0.19041.2193 d3d9on12.dll.

Re: OpenGLOn12

in Milliways
WGL and GDI are pretty closely connected (if it isn't even that the former depends altogether on the later) . Of course anything opengl related would load it (well for the moment at least, I could lowbrow see nvidia's recent DXGI presentation further evolving to spare us it). As for EmulateOpenGL it …

Re: Old GOG games are slowly getting killed

in Windows
I wouldn't expect Microsoft to care about the problem based on reports from gamers. They care if some enterprise software breaks, which might be the case if a compatibility mode is broken. Honestly enough, I don't think they are much all that useful to businesses either (unless you are literally …

Re: Release Announcements Consolidation

Unsure why the time-limited offer for dead space is still promoted in a 2020 post. Anyhow, I scavenged the entire forums and I couldn't really find a better thread to report this https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2022/10/lost-something-search-through-91-7-million-files-from-the-80s-90s-and-2000s/ …

Re: Emulating EAX on any onboard sound hardware?

in PC Emulation
To normal users: dsoal and openal-soft are ripe nowadays. Please go out and test them. Be the change you want to see in the world. To devs and reverse engineers: do you happen to know if the Creative drivers ever implemented some kind of game-specific hacks (e.g. like those GPUs regularly ship)? …

Re: Enabling D3D9On12 for DirectX 1-9

in Windows
OP is in no way responsible for the graphical capabilities of D3D9On12 . His library is just a hundred lines of code to force that. I guess an advantage is that it's all open source? Somewhat like dxup , except this is actually still getting developed. I cannot vouch for features then, but at least …

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