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Re: Fullscreen input lag

Doom runs on a 35 tickrate and the tickrate is tied to the fpsrate so that the game's max fps is 35 and the gamespeed decreases when you fall lower. I highly recommend using a sourceport like GZDoom for Doom though.

Road Rash (1996) - Cutscene and Menus issue

I wanted to play Road Rash with dgvoodoo, but I have issues with it: -> Cutscene is rendered in a small 640x480 borderless windowed mode window, instead of native resolution fullscreen -> When I skip the intromovie, then the safety warning scroller comes, and at this point I have fullscreen and its …

Resolution "Max" doesnt work as expected

I expected it to use the maximum desktop/monitor resolution. But instead it uses maximum aspect ratio resolution. So for NFS HP2 it doesnt use my 2560 x 1600 monitor resolution and it uses a weird 4:3 one instead, because the ingame resolution is 800x600. But my game is already widescreen patched, …

Re: dgVoodoo 2.7.x and related WIP versions

I get with resolution "Max" a 4:3 resolution of 2133x1600 When I select my native resolution of 2560x1600 directly I get it. Shouldnt Max be the maximum available resolution without any aspect ratio considerations? (which in case of NFS HP2 even dont make sense, because I have a patched exe with 16: …

Re: dgVoodoo 2 for DirectX 11

any idea why every game is forced vsync on? dgvoodoo has it off, graphics driver has it forced off, still forced vsync for NFS 4, NFS 2 SE and every other game is vsynched. NFS 4 doesnt force to use vsync though. It has just a framelimiter of 64 while driving. ESC menu is uncapped, main menu I …

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