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Re: Intel smashes Ryzen

robertmo wrote on Yesterday, 19:08: that's cause someone said how much of a difference amd did. well.. they sell 50% more cores for about 500% more price. (amazon prices without tax don't count outside usa) Wtf does that have to do with reality?

What retro software did you get today?

A used bundle of Amiga Workbench 2.1 finally turned up. I'm going to install WB 2.1 on one of my Amiga A600s once I've installed a hdd in to it. Should be fun. WB 2.1 has CrossDos which allows you to access fat12 formatted 720k floppies. My current WB 2.05 doesn't have CrossDos included. I eventual …

Re: Intel smashes Ryzen

robertmo wrote on 2021-01-13, 16:44: zen 6 cores is still way more expensive than regular intel 4 cores 😀 Core i3-10100F 4 cores- about 100 $ AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6 cores - about 500 $ You must be blooody joking 4 v 6. Try again with actual performance, power usage etc etc figures.

Re: Intel smashes Ryzen

Who in the REAL world actually cares as long as the system does what a person requires? Isn't Apple Inc. going ARM? What is the point of this thread anyway? It's just another bitch fest....

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