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Re: My Amigas

[..] my brother ran his home business with one. [..] Surely that's possible somehow. People used to do the same with a VC20, a tape reel and a bunch of ancient golem ( animatronics ). Or so I heard. Men like Mac Gyver, Chuck Norris or Spongebob probably could have done that with less, say a hamster …

Re: My Amigas

Jo22 wrote on 2020-02-06, 22:33: Almoststew1990 wrote on 2020-02-06, 12:52: I've recently started exploring Amigas, I've never had one before. I picked up an A500 with monitor and "other stuff" for £100. Amiga 500.. 🙄 That game's console. I had one, too.. Bull shit my brother ran his home business …

Re: Why don’t PC parts work in a Mac ?

Yeah getting stuff secound hand can have advantages. Just popped in to the local Cash Converters and they have a shit load of the smaller Macbooks there..We are a univercity town and no dought when school starts some will be snapped up. The only system I was interested in was an older Lenevo i2 …

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