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Re: Interview with "last XP fan"

WOW! If it was really that bad wouldn't internet providers do something about it? Black list untrustworthy ip addresses and such? I can't recall any outages with my internet provider having any problems 25 plus years we've been with them. That includes dial up and when I used XP on my daily computer …

Re: Interview with "last XP fan"

Oh, it's fun sticking a non-patched XP machine directly on the internet and watching it get overrun by malware within a matter of minutes. BS do you care to wager? XP can tip toe through the net without issue if you know what your doing. I've heard this BS for years, I guess the internet doesn't …

Re: Browsers, XP, Linux, Mint, everything

Lubuntu is light and functional enough for 1GB RAM. Lubuntu used to be light and functional enough for 1GB RAM, 20.xx is a pig. 18.xx is tolerable, 16.xx was last best on 1GB. Not surprised. Gone are the days when people really tried to make things run well on limited hardware. Keeping out bloat …

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