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Re: Is the TNT2 m64 still 64-bit with 32MB of memory?

TnT2 m64 can use two GPUs - one is regular NV5 like full 128-bit TNT2 uses. And then there is cost reduced version that physically has only 64-bit bus. Either way, the PCB always has only 64 bits routed as a maximum. 16MB m64 will be always 64-bit. Either using two 32-bit chips or four 16-bit chips …

Re: Weird GeForce 2 mx400

Hello and welcome :) 250 MHz SDRAM is pretty much impossible on GF2 MX. Most likely this is wrong detection by the software - it thinks you have GF2 MX DDR, happened to me as well. The real clock could be 125 MHz, albeit it is very low, even no-name MX400 should have at least 143 MHz memory clock. …

Re: Radeon 8500LE vs 8500

Most prominent are: Hercules 3D Prophet 8500 Gigabyte MAYA AP128DG-H RADEON 8500 Deluxe - https://www.ixbt.com/video2/any-r200-5-p1.shtml Gigabyte MAYA AP128DG- H3 , which is RADEON 8500XT (300/600) variation of the card above. Thanks, these are very nice cards. Must be very rare, I guess very few …

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