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Re: My 3DMark03 Mega Thread

Ryzen 5500 w/32Gb DDR4 3200, Intel ARC A770 16Gb Filename arc700.jpg File size 273.25 KiB Views 52 views File license Fair use/fair dealing exception DXVK will greatly improve FPS but can`t complete all 3dmark2003 Tests. (DirectX to Vulkan Wrapper) Filename arc770.jpg File size 67.76 KiB Views 52 …

Re: 2024 - End of the era of Retro Computing Youtube channels?

in Milliways
i only watch retro channels some times if they have a solution to a problem i face. but its boring to watch a 30 minute video just to find a few second solution. Sometimes comparision videos are useful. But yeah content exploded and is already exploited commercially. Like the bushcraft youtubers.. …

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