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Re: dgVodooo 2.8.x and related WIP versions

Dege wrote on 2024-01-26, 15:39: lowenz wrote on 2024-01-26, 13:49: lowenz wrote on 2024-01-26, 13:23: I'll try WARP It's the same, red tint+blu tint (for the sky) And what about the other drivers? D3D, D3D8? Also, what dgv version is the last one that worked? There's no D3D/D3D8 in the 64 bit …

Unreal with Oldunreal patches

Some additions to the latest WIP: ========================= WIP94.1 ========================= Changes compared to WIP94: Improving the implementation of D3D9 queries in the D3D12 backend to get way better response time (performance) Fixing a bug+leak in D3D9 frontend Fixing a thing in D3D8 (Lord Of …

Re: Regressive bugs - report them here

KainXVIII wrote on 2023-11-30, 21:15: lowenz wrote on 2023-11-30, 17:22: I don't have that problem with the lastest build ( 😐 Post your dgvoodoo settings please 😮 Blood 2 just perfect, remember to cap the framerate to 60 FPS to avoid animation misbehaviour (not due to dgVoodoo2)

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