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Retro to couch setup?

Why? Who needs a desk and chair! Does anyone do a retro machine to a couch on large screen? Kind of like a console environment. list what you did to accomplish it serial extension cords, vga to hdmi adapters, wireless etc. Joysticks seem difficult to do on couch unless you use a gamepad type.

Longbow 2 Sound Fix! For Retro Machines

Jane's Longbow 2 - Fixed sound for retro machines win98 (stuttering speech and sounds) This is a Direct X problem. +Start +Run +Type dxdiag navigate to sound tab and bring sound acceleration slider to the left (no acceleration) +Exit dxdiag BINGO LB2 sound fixed! Now if I can only get the altimeter …

IE6 and flash shockwave game help

I put ie6 on my win98se and can't play an old shockwave game I downloaded via html files it was about 4mb. I have the dcr file as well. It's a Halloween point and click with effects. If anyone can tell me how to get the dcr to open on this 98se machine or play it though ie6 with shockwave plugin or …

Re: Retro game machine problems

in Windows
I never changed CD drivers on any Windows for any drive. They just work. If not, they're fucked. NEC CDR-1901A CD-ROM is actually quite googleble - it's a CDR drive, so not really ancient. There are even IDE drives from 1994, those are ancient. Basically, get another one that looks good in the …

Re: Retro game machine problems

in Windows
Yes, on win98se. All I can find on the bottom of CDROM is: NEC CDR-1901A CD-ROM, v. 1.0, A00 I already tried the A01 driver on DEll and it doesn't work. Mine says A00 Mus be ancient I also tried generic drivers none I have tried work, as for screen It's an actual Vizio TV with LED for screen forgot …

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