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Re: ASP403 - The Neverending Project

Btw, how in the hell has ZanQuance youtube channel been emptied of all the nice A3D recordings? They are just marked as private but still on the account. They were recorded from XP and had those annoying crackles in the WaveTracing, the HRTF sounded odd too. Hardly a good example of A3D, so I …

Re: A3D 1.0: SB Live! vs. Aureal Vortex 1 quality

Use original ISA hardware or Yamaha's YMF7x4 cards for better OPL3 support in DOS. I think johnsirett asked nothing about better OPL3. He said about better DOS compatibility. And true OPL is not equal to DOS games compatibility. For better DOS compatibility there are ISA SB Pro clones - ESS, OPTi, …

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