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Re: Need W98 drivers for ATI Radeon X1250

According to techpowerup the X1250 is based on the R400, so maybe we could use a X800 driver. I read that someone has done this. https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/radeon- … s-1250-igp.c847 Running XP on 1 Ghz could be a little slow i thing. Maybe Sp1 would work good.

Need W98 drivers for ATI Radeon X1250

I own a HP Thin client T5730: https://www.parkytowers.me.uk/thin/hp/t5730/ I want to install Windows 98 on it for some retro gaming, this has a ATI Radeon X1250 GPU, but i am unable to find the appropriate driver. Also need the USB, Audio, Netwotk and SMB driver. There is an ATI Chipset on this one. …

Re: Apple iMac G4 restore

Old (1998-2002) games don't run well in OS X for mysterious Apple reasons. (There were lawsuits over this IIRC.) PC emulation also sucks. If you want to play these games you need a machine that can boot the classic OS. Indeed. I own some old Games for the Classic OS and those run horrible in the …

Re: NetWare - Ultimate Retro File Sharing?

I never played through network card at Dos, had these games whole IPX stack everytime inbuild or you have to have already something (network driver, Netware) installed? Well, you would load your specific NIC's ODI driver, and the IPX stack driver (2-3 TSRs total), which is the basis of the Novell …

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