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Re: CHiLL XL enclosure

Yeah this is the final revision, available now : at https://www.serdashop.com/CHiLLXL , or pm me Nice :) Before I do so: is it likely the E-Wave will be finished and in the shop soon enough to buy both together (to save on shipping, putting an E-Wave in the CHiLL XL would be the ultimate in …

Re: CHiLL XL enclosure

Bancho wrote on 2021-02-27, 16:30: Is it not possible to put some support leg to accommodate the weight of the DB at the far end? Is is just floating on the WT header in your pictures? yes will add that

Re: DreamBlaster X16

Quite impressive. Is there a reason why you use a mini-usb connector, like you did with the x2? 🤔 ....I better stock up those cables. mini usb through hole version, is very solid as opposed to a micro usb which i ripped off in a prototype, during testing. so yeah, because i like it, and you can …

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