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Re: X2GU : New GM bank for DreamBlaster X2

appiah4 wrote on 2020-07-08, 07:21: Hyping us up for the restock Serge? 😁 Ha ! Now i finally have new stock of X2. And special promotion : no added cost for preloaded Buran bank and PCL preset. Here's the complete Sam and Max soundtrack on X2 with Buran bank and PCL preset : https://youtu.be/ …

Re: MP-32 : Pi based MT32, GM, ... module

A friend helped me, by 3d designing a new enclosure that looks more like MT32 : see renders : Filename 6.JPG File size 1015.1 KiB Views 182 views Filename 2.JPG File size 433.15 KiB Views 182 views Filename 1.JPG File size 439.05 KiB Views 182 views Also refactoring the pcb for this, to avoid the …

Re: CGA2SCART development thread

First generation CGA 2 SCART converter, developed together with Retro Erik : CGA2SCART_ERIK.jpg The final revision of this generation PCB works well, but it does not implement 'the brown fix' (logical yellow is replaced by brown in CGA monitors, if you make a converter it should provide for this too …

Re: DreamBlaster X16

Outstanding. For me this now just needs to be able to handle 250 Ohm headphones and should ideally have a switch to toggle between Line Out and Headphone Out. Then you could ask pretty much any price actually, I'd still order a unit. With case, no questions asked. Is it already decided which DAC …

Re: DreamBlaster X16

Trelokk wrote on 2020-07-07, 11:15: If this is going to be a full-fledged sound card with a proper DAC, headphone amp *AND* MIDI capabilities that can be used with a modern OS, this would be the most interesting project for me on this forum until now. yes that's the intention

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