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Re: PCem performance issues with Ryzen 7 5800X System

in PC Emulation
I still to this day experience issues with various systems and power management screwing things up. It's been a pain since it started and it looks like issues will never end. I remember problems with energy saving on Core2Duo. Though, it could be the only case. Was used new 8-bit computer emulator …

Re: Best OPL emulation settings

I can't hear any discernable difference between NukedOPL and real hardware, fwiw. This may depend on a concrete music or sounds. What is your sound hardware and its system settings. Not only software's settings. Should be used blind comparision, anyway, and there are such plugins for music players. …

Re: DOSBox 0.74 CPU Benchmark

The first pass has to translate the code then run it, subsequent runs don't need to translate if the memory hasn't been changed. Speedtest by 2 runs (2 identical strings in a batch file) by the recommended procedure gives results differing <5% on my machine/OS and 0.74. This % is similar to random …

Re: DOSBox 0.74 CPU Benchmark

With dosbox 0.74-3 I have 1124.7 instead of 803.4 with the first pass. Why these differences ? It's better to try a real game as Doom or Quake and in case you'll get significant (>10%) instable benchmark results there, - to ask about strange emulation behavior in a specific theme or development …

Re: Dosbox 0.75?

in case there is a good reason why 64 bit versions of DOSBox aren't more prevalent They are expected to coexist with x32. The best would be place x32 and x64 SVN builds together alike dosbox-x does. And maybe to place a note about more possible issues of x64 build with the recommendation to try x32 …

Re: DOSBox speed vs real DOS PC?

some data is there DOSBox 0.74 CPU Benchmark https://www.dosbox.com/wiki/Performance It's an approximation which supposes a similar enough code. Doom and Speedtst performance should be useful for most games. Quake is more useful for late 3D games.

Re: Dosbox 0.75?

Kerr Avon wrote on 2020-05-17, 15:32: Where can I download the faster version of DOSBox, please? There was a talk about significantly faster new SVN x64 builds. Maybe some place hosts x64 builds of recent SVN. Emucr does not, for example, despite 64-bit Windows is common today.

Re: Noisy old computers ?

in Milliways
As computers and machinery become more advanced they become quieter and silent. There are formal medical standards about safe level of noise at working places. Also there are personal tastes and preferences. There is nothing more. They want to have more performance and meanwhile cheaper - this …

Re: Best tracker MODS ever

in Milliways
spacedrone808 wrote on 2020-03-14, 16:41: Sounds arabic! Eastern Europeans more know the similar from Central Asia and near. Another music of the same author.

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