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Re: Orpheus II soundcard thread

As told in LGR video, if you use a system with non pnp bios or integrated peripherals , you need to configure hardware manually your IO cards and so on. So any system with pnp bios or with integrated peripherals configurable in bios with ISA slots are advisable for ease of installation, otherwise …

Re: Orpheus II soundcard thread

I tried to recreate your issue, I can't right now. Isa bus is a bit noisy. Try to test with a good ATX PSU and see if it gets better. That noise is digital noise from bus. I'm sure about it. All analogue routing is isolated from that. There are no crossing lines between analog and digital, they are …

Re: Orpheus II soundcard thread

Well I can say that seems to be digital noise from ISA bus. I changed my psu long time ago, when I had that noise. It solved my problem. Also check capacitors on motherboard. Now I went extreme and now I use an isolation transformer for my pc and audio rigs.

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