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Re: Is a Voodoo 2 worth the cost

in Marvin \ Video
chinny22 wrote on 2020-09-09, 16:32: cde wrote on 2020-09-09, 16:27: Does the amount of RAM have a effect on game compatibility (8 MB, 12 MB)? Only for supported resolutions as far as I'm aware Voodoo2 has the same 4MB buffer memory on both 8 and 12 MB models, so it only effects games that need …

Re: Coil whine - fact or myth?

in Milliways
My graphics card (GTX960) has audible coil whine when its rendering high FPS, mostly in menus where framerate is uncapped, 500+fps. It's not bothersome once system fans spin up and drown it out.

Re: Apple is getting off Intel CPU’s ?

in Milliways
It makes perfect sense for Apple to move to ARM. Their desktop presence is practically gone and mobile is where their biggest products are. Having a single OS for mobile and notebook devices is quite good for them and I doubt their customer base really needs high-end x86 performance.

Re: Unable to find certain files under DOS

It looks like you're running the games from c:\windows, are you? You should change to the games' directory first and run them from there. They're probably looking in the currently active directory (as opposed to the directory of their .exe file) for their resources. Try adding FILES=40 to config. …

Unable to find certain files under DOS

So here is the story. Some games, namely Doom, Duke3D and Quake run ok on a 5x85 build of mine when running in Windows. However when I restart into DOS mode, certain files become invisible and I am unable to launch these games. First I though this was a bad CF card, so I switched to a new one. That …

Re: Tell us about your 3DFX collection

in Marvin \ Video
3x Vodoo1 (Didn't want more than 2, but I found the last one for just 1 Euro so why not) 3x Voodoo2 12MB (NOS matching STB cards from Russia - 2 for SLI and a third one in case one dies) 1x Voodoo2 8MB 1x Banshee 16MB 1x Voodoo3 1000 1x Voodoo3 2000 2x Voodoo3 3000 Looks like a bit much, but I …

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