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Re: Advice for good 2d/3d win95 games build

Can't the speed of the game be adjusted in Warcraft? Yep, you can. - 9. MAKING YOUR SYSTEM RUN FASTER --------------------------------------------------------------------- Adjust the speed using the Options Dialog or the + or - keys. The EMM 386 memory manager (EMM386.EXE) slows the game speed of …

Re: New forum suggestions/Feedback

in Milliways
Note sure if this should go here or in the bugs thread. I just attached a jpg image that was 1.24MB and the forum automatically reduced the quality which made it 451KB. I did a search but didn't find anything mentioning this. Is this on purpose. If so, why? I really like having high quality pics and …

Re: How do you clean your LCD monitors?

in Milliways
I use the "ONN" screen cleaning kit with microfiber cloth ("Wally world/Wal-Mart" has it) and seems to work ok. I think the key is never spray directly on the screen, spray the cloth/paper towel first then wipe. I almost always spray Windex directly on the screen. Not a single issue to do it that …

Re: How do you clean your LCD monitors?

in Milliways
The really old LCD screens could maybe be damaged by stuff like Windex but I kinda doubt it. I've been using Windex and paper towels for the past 10+ years to clean LCDs and have never had a problem. People kept saying it was bad so I went looking for proof. Only account I could come be was somebody …

Re: Tualatin Laptops

Looks like these also sport a Pentium III-M Tualatin HP Pavilion N5495 / F3942H Toshiba Portege 3500 - comes with the 1.33Ghz CPU You could always get a laptop with a lower speed CPU and then upgrade the CPU as they are socketed. I see a bunch of the 1.2Ghz CPUs on eBay for as little as $10 shipped: …

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