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Re: Trying to get obscure game working

Which is why I went and found it myself so I can test. One other question for cegordon57 - Did you try using the official patch fore this game? Who knows what it fixed unless somebody has the original patch notes. Here is the patch - looks like you just replace the original executable: Filename …

Re: Trying to get obscure game working

The real question is... does it work properly on a real system? If so, then there is probably some bug in DOSBOX that is keeping it from working. I would be willing to try it out on real hardware. I found a CD image I can use for testing. Do you have any info on the system requirements and what it …

Re: Should I buy a MT-32 'old' today?

Try being from, say, New Zealand. Nobody offers a shipping option to here. So if I want an MT-32, the only option in the world is literally a tiny handful of ebay listings which offer worldwide shipping. My current options including shipping and import duties are: USD $502 , $ 509 , and $ 605 . …

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