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Re: Rarest CPUs?

This is crazy, an AMD K5 PR200, look at the price, reached after the auction: https://www.ebay.com/itm/125228128174 I have an K5 PR166, which runs completely stable with PR200 speed, also with reduced VCore (3,52V>3,3V) and have payed about ~30€ for this CPU. One of my favourite Socket 7 gold …

Re: Is there a Dual Head PCI video card?

in Milliways
I can't imagine not having multiple screens for work or even just at home. 2 is the bare minimum and I would be much happier with 4 or maybe more. I wonder if it would be possible to make a universal piece of software to add multiscreen support for Windows 3.x.

Re: VMware acquisition by Broadcom?

in Milliways
Virtual Box is slow and buggy. Found out today that it has had a repeating key bug for years that hasn't yet been fixed. I really like VMware and have been using it for years. I hope that it doesn't get destroyed.

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