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Re: Gravis UltraSound ACE distortion in certain games

An update for those who might stumble upon this thread with similar problems: I switched disks and it fixed some of the problems for a short time. But the crackling came back upon restart a day later. I've now switched PSU's and the crackling in Tyrian 2000 is completely gone. ROTT sound effects …

Re: Different Versions of Ensoniq AudioPCI

It's for a DOS/Windows 3.11 machine. I found the drivers but no documentation. As I plan to do SB in hardware I thought it would be fun to add Ensoniq support as long it doesn't conflict with other hardware or hijacks the Adlib port for that horrible FM it does.

Gravis UltraSound ACE distortion in certain games

So I've got this 440EX board with a Celeron 300A now. I tested the board initially with a Celeron 266 and the GUS was running fine. I was super happy that High DMA was working and MegaEM could use NMI. But now I'm running into problems with crackles in the sound: - Duke Nukem 3D (1.3D and 1.5) have …

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