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Re: Savage4 vs Voodoo Banshee

2D core wise it's also close, with the Banshee being faster and the Savage4 being more compatible. the Savage4 failed to open any VESA mode after shutting down Win9x into DOS mode Probably the result of the crappy drivers as mentioned by ShovelKnight. You could try S3VBEFIX is you ever decide to …

Re: Savage4 vs Voodoo Banshee

The Savage4 LT is an 8MB card with slower clocks? I think the Banshee beats it. A Savage4 does give you some new features like true 32-bit rendering, S3 texture compression (S3TC) and the Metal API. Only the Metal API is unique to S3. I would consider the games you want to play to see if those …

Re: Witchaven 2

Great that it works! For me it makes a difference, but I notice it's still sensitive in certain area's. Where it first was slow and felt like having glue under my shoes with running and jumping, it now runs ok, but level complexity can cause some issues. And I think the artwork for Witchaven 2 is …

Re: Witchaven 2

I have this game. Tons of issues due to clockspeed. Check https://ettingrinder.youfailit.net/wh-egwhaven.html for tips and the EGwhaven version. It's better but some clockspeed issues remain (turning around in simple levels at warp speed).

Re: New sound card project: AWE64 Legacy

I have a bunch myself as well. The only ones I bought to have were the AWE64 Gold! cards. All the others just came in lots with other stuff. Really easy to end up with a bunch of CT4520 and some CT4500 cards without even trying. Somehow I've managed to not find any AWE64s(I do have an AWE32 CT3910, …

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