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Re: Games with true SC-88 support.

It looks like he switched to the SC-88 for the expansion pack, which contains the fourth episode. This is certainly possible as his music from the first three episodes is strictly GM only. He also talked about the development of Rise of the Triad on DoomWorld, mentioning the RAP-10. But I think in …

Re: Games with true SC-88 support.

Lee Jackson's tracks for Duke Nukem 3D. From Lee Jackson himself: I've never owned nor had access to an SC-55 in my life. I've had a RAP-10, an SCC-1, and an SC-88. Some of ROTT was done using the RAP-10. Most of Duke Nukem 3D was done on the SC-88. https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/2484124

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