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Re: IBM Cassette BASIC

Many years ago i wrote two simple command-line tools. This tools are written for exUSSR Soviet PC-clone home computer named "Poisk" (ПЭВМ Поиск), not for original IBM PcJr. But cassette tape format are fully compatible, with some minor differences (maybe some differences with files type in header). …

Re: CGA/EGA capture with 6€ logic analyser

Will try to install this, but I dont think it runs with CGA out of the box. Unfortunately, most Chinese clones of Saleae-8ch logic analyzers based on FX2LP dosn't have IFCLK pad traced to anywhere on PCB. Vcaptfx2 uses IFCLK pin for external pixel clock source, so this pin must be connected to 14. …

Re: CGA/EGA capture with 6€ logic analyser

The idea is not new. The main problem is that Saleae Socket API does not allow to receive a continuous stream of data. But.. There is a very similar project using a fx2lp microcontroller Cypress CY7C68013A on demoboard LCSOFT CY7C68013A (like Chinese-clone Saleae 8 ch): https://github.com/y-salnikov …

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