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Re: Sound Blaster 16 Clones

So you made a new card with less noise? Or is there a trick to make the old one run more quiet? I did not, Keropi & Marmes did at one point. CMI 8330 is a very, very capable sound chip. I have 2 other ISA cards built using it, and while the noise floor is not comparable to MK8330 they are also just …

Re: PicoGUS: ISA sound card emulator with Raspberry Pi Pico (Gravis Ultrasound, AdLib, MPU-401, Tandy, CMS)

I also had some from Ali with a totally different pinout... Just curious, is the situation in some countries w/re availability of Pi Picos bad enough that AliExpress Picos would be cheaper? Over here in the Netherlands, I pay about four bucks per Pico from an authorized RPi dealer who has loads of …

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