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Commander Keen Redish white ...

in DOS
I'm using a voodoo3 and a Syncmaster 151s. The only game to have this trouble is the commander Keen serie ... the white seem a lot redish and i dont know why. I somebody have an idea.

Re: Decompile a dos program

in DOS
After I flashed my GUS PnP clone card it suddenly worked well with all stock GUS PnP software. Is that an option for you? Yes after i've done that it worked right away (used the ini of the compaq, changed the id of manufacturer also) but it mean we will probably loose the InterWave Tone Control ... …

Decompile a dos program

in DOS
Does anyone know how? I'm trying to modifie the prepgame.exe from the GUSpnp to work with the compaq ultra sound 32 pro.

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